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"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. "

- Peter Drucker


There cannot be a better way for you to market your product. Considering the importance placed on the package, it is not surprising that a great deal of research is spent on motivational research, color testing, psychological manipulation, and so forth, in order to ascertain how the majority of consumers will react to a new package.

At ENewmedia, we understand the importance of packaging and how you can use it and combine it with your ever changing marketing strategy.


Enewmedia offers end to end mobile solutions from design and development across various platforms. Our team is highly skilled in development in various platforms delivering the best in house mobile solutions.

Digital Media

Having a solid digital marketing strategy is no longer a nice to have but essential for any business who wants to be taken seriously. Having an integrated digital campaign is a sure-fire way to grab a customers’ attention. At E-New Media we offer the following capabilities:
  • SEO
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Content Management
  • Online Campaigns

Responsive Design and Web-Development

We live in a world where our sites our not only being visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes, but the same customers are returning to our sites at different times using these different devices. This means that, to best support their experience, our sites must work well regardless of which device they may be using at a given time. The same content that they have access to on one devices must be present when they return on other devices to ensure consistency in the information that they are seeking.


A good brand image can be the greatest strength of your company, advocating your products, services, ethos and integrity. At E New Media we work with you to bring it the essence of the brand, creating a cohesive and consistent identity that is memorable, timeless and extraordinary.

Other services


Allow us to see to all your online advertising needs, using our deep experience in digital and print design. We will produce banner and print advertisements, social networking and pay per click (PPC) campaigns that will drive customers to your digital site, increase your online visibility and intensify business success.

Logos and Corporate Identities

Your corporate identity showcases your organisation in a glimpse and gives your audience and impression of who you are and what you stand for. We have the full capacity to brand, design and implement all facets of your corporate identity, by:
  • Creating a logo that articulates your enterprise in a single glance
  • Developing business cards that are exclusive and representative
  • Implementing a corporate profile that characterises and markets your organisation
  • Design letterheads that are in tune with your corporate identity and digital presence
  • Generate e-signatures in-line with all corporate identity collateral
  • Produce brochures that persuade, attract and market your goods
  • Develop intriguing point-of-sale collateral
  • drive customers to your digital site, increase your online visibility and intensify business success.


Consisting of a full copywriting service, we can provide your organisation with all copy related requirements. Each piece of copy will be confronted with individuality and completed with nothing less than the sheer quality, professionalism and ingenuity your brand deserves. The E New Media team will bring an element of life to all content throughout your marketing arsenal and create a connection with your audience that goes beyond what the eye can see.

We will:
  • Complete professional press releases ready for distribution
  • Craft concise website copy that represents your brand
  • Create impactful content for social media
  • Develop copy for emailers
  • Create a corporate profile that will speak volumes about your company
  • Generate any additional marketing-related copy that you may require


Always thinking in pictures, our designers have mastered the art of creating images that have caused snow on a sunny day. E New Media has the best of both worlds – modern and classic artists, who together will create digital branding for your organisation that will perfectly represent your brand while attracting and maintaining any visitor who clicks past.

Use our skills for:
  • Ingenious website creation
  • Logos that will turn heads
  • Business cards you’d be proud to hand out
  • Bold brochures
  • Emailers (that are always read)
  • Letterheads that spill the essence of who you are
  • A corporate profile that will get people talking

Print and Digital marketing

We don’t limit ourselves to the digital element of design, content and development – whatever your marketing requirement, we have a fully-fledged marketing solution for you. This includes marketing strategies, plans and viral campaigns, both online and print. The team will workshop your requirements, objectives and direction, provide a strategy on how to obtain these goals and begin implementation on all marketing activity.

We provide the added benefit of a full reporting facility, allowing you to gauge which marketing activities are gaining momentum as well as where you are benefitting the most. Fully efficient in social media, Google Adwords, banner adverts and so forth we will implement a campaign supplying you with maximum exposure and goal fulfillment.

Social networking

Aligning your brand with the social networking revolution is vital in the 21st    century. Our E New Media department will implement and manage the social networking face of your company, while you focus on core business practice.

We have the specific expertise and experience with social networking platforms and the ability to implement and manage your social networking accounts in order to drive traffic to your page and increase your online presence, whilst protecting your credibility. Offering full IT and security infrastructure puts us ahead of the competition and ensures complete ease of mind.

What We Offer:
  • Social Media Marketing & Implementation
  • Social Media Web Tracking & Analytics
  • Social Media Content Management
  • Allow us to create a current and lasting impression for your enterprise in a globalised world via social networking.

Strategy and Planning

Living in a globalised world with digital media taking centre stage, it is vital for every organisation to have a clearly set out internet marketing strategy. Our team comprises of digital fundi’s, constantly searching for new ways for our clients to make their name in a tech-obsessed world.

Leave your internet strategy in our capable hands, +and we will deliver:
  • Creative and innovative concept development
  • A digital strategy to place you a click above the rest
  • Deal with all technical elements of the site
  • Crafted copy and content development
Full tracking and reporting features


Design, through to development, hosting and maintenance, the E New Media team has the modern, creative skillset backed by a full IT and web development infrastructure to ensure that your organisation is provided with a sophisticated and fully functional website solution. Holding expertise in the field of website design and development and using leading technology, our experts will:
  • Purchase and register your domain name
  • Eradicate any security concerns by hosting your website (SFTP & FTP)
  • Conceptualise a unique website for your business needs
  • Capture the essence of your brand and design your website using the latest leading-edge technology
  • Effectively represent your brand in content/copy by using words that will entice your audience
  • Develop your website using cutting-edge technology such as: CMS systems; Javascript; MY SQL; CCS 3; PHP; .Net