30 June 2022

eNew Media assisting Enaex Africa to humanizing the mining industry through radio press. Part 2

eNew Media, a digital agency, implementing creative press services to assist the third-largest explosives company in humanizing the mining industry through their safety first approach. We are experts in assisting different businesses with effective branding and digital media to enhance their message on different platforms.

eNew Media is the digital marketing agency that is responsible for managing, handling and scheduling all marketing and branding campaigns of Enaex Africa. We enable their competitive advantage through real-time communication, we specialize in digital media, branding, and PR campaigns.

Enaex Africa is a new mining explosives competitor in the African continent, and they need assistance to broadcast their capabilities and their core values. One of their main values if their safety first approach in everything that they do. Their main aim is to humanize the mining industry, by highlighting their achievements and future expectations for the mining industry.

Enaex Africa required the assistance of eNew media, to assist them in scheduling and managing another live interview with Michael Avery on Hot FM 102.7. The interview was held with Francisco Baudrand, the CEO of Enaex Africa. He is dedicated to humanizing the mining industry and ensuring the safety of all workforces in the mines.

eNew Media assisted Francisco Baudrand throughout the entire interview process from selecting the questions and reviewing the answers to ensure a professional yet impactful message, as well as being present during the interview. With the assistance of eNew Media, the message of safety first and the importance of humanizing the mining industry was highlighted in the discussion with Michael Avery.

Throughout the entire interview process, Francisco Baudrand highlighted the importance of protecting the people in the mines as well as humanizing the industry, and how the corporate culture at Eneax Africa enhances these values and missions. He also mentioned that to ensure the safety of the worker, people would have to be upskilled and that it is a key aspect that Enaex Africa believes in.

This second interview with Michael Avery highlighted that Enaex and Enaex Africa is a driving force in the mining explosives industry with their innovative and safety orientated machinery, as well as their progress in regard to green ammonia, that will benefit not only the planet but the people in the mines as well.

eNew Media assisted Francisco Baudrand throughout the whole process. We ensured that the entire process went off without a hitch and that the core message was communicated clearly to Michael Avery as well as the listeners.

Our innovative, creative and real time services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We strive to bring our clients and their consumers together with the creation of strong and positive brand presences through different platforms. Contact eNew Media today if you want to enhance your business brand through digital marketing, PR, or branding.

Enaex Africa has invested in Africa and its mines to produce products locally in their plant in Secunda, instead of importing the products partner subsidiary in France. Enaex Africa is strongly committed to invest and take part of Africa’s development journey.