12 May 2022

eNew Media empowering Enaex Africa brand awareness through radio press. Part 1

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Enaex is a world-class blasting services company, delivering premium solutions to the most important mining regions and companies in Africa. With over 1200 employees in Africa who provide blasting services to various mining sites in sub-Saharan Africa, with a local turnover of more than 6 billion Rand.

Enaex serves all the top mining companies in: Africa, North America, and Australasia. They are a part of a conglomerate Chilean listed company called Sigdo Koppers, which is listed on the Chilean stock exchange.

Enaex Africa produces and distributes a wide variety of explosives and value added solutions, providing all the products required to execute the entire blasting process. These products are used in blasting for opencast and underground mining operations, quarries and civil construction.

Enaex required the assistance of eNew Media to enhance their brand awareness, with the Mining Indaba that was just held in Cape Town, Enaex Africa’s CEO Francisco Baudrand wanted to share their views, values, and business brand with other like-minded individuals. eNew Media took advantage of this opportunity to enable Enaex Africa’s competitive advantage through radio press specifically on HOT 102.7 FM with Michael Avery. Enaex offers the mining industry a humanized view of mining, that values the protection of workforces and the environment that is with it.

Enaex Africa enlisted the services of eNew Media, to help them enhance their business brand and create awareness around their humanized view and processes around mining and explosives.

eNew Media assisted Enaex with the help of a live interview with Michael Avery on Hot FM 102.7. The interview was with Francisco Baudrand, the CEO of the Enaex Africa division, he is a young engineer that has been with the group for over 11 years. He is dedicated to the growth and success of the Enaex Africa group.

Throughout the interview he, Francisco Baudrand, highlighted that Enaex Africa is focused on the safety of the individuals involved in the daily operations at the mines. He stressed that Enaex is taking steps to humanize the mining industry overall, by taking the lead in implementing innovative technology driven solution in both open cast and underground mines. As well as following on their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Enaex Africa has invested in Africa and its mines to produce products locally in their plant in Secunda, instead of importing the products partner subsidiary in France. Enaex Africa is strongly committed to invest and take part of Africa’s development journey.

Francisco emphasized that they see Enaex Africa evolving to be more involved and humanized in the industry. They currently focus on partnering with their customers and empowering the communities that are involved. They are planning to implement and empower more communities, even the ones that are not linked with the mining industry. Furthermore, they are focusing on CSR and how they can help build communities for a better future.

With the help of eNew Media, Enaex was able to have a real discussion that helps them to highlight their business values and offer them the ability to increase brand awareness and the reputation of the CEO and the company. To listen to the interview with Francisco Baudrand and Michael Avery on HOT FM 102.7, just visit the 102.7 HOT FM website, or tune in tonight 12 May 2022 between 6 – 7 PM.

eNew Media has assisted Enaex Africa and their CEO, Francisco Baudrand, in creating positive brand awareness on the mining industry and the innovation and investments that are made to benefit the environment and the surrounding communities.

eNew Media was placed in charge of all preparations, and assisted Enaex Africa with scheduling and preparing for the entire interview with Michael Avery. eNew Media was present during the interview, to assist Francisco throughout the process and to ensure that all questions were answered professionally and to ensure that the Enaex Africa brand was enhanced.

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