14 July 2022

Creating awareness for Enaex Africa’s new and current projects through radio press. Part 3

eNew Media assisted Enaex Africa with another radio press interview on Hot 102.7 with Michael Avery. Innovatively enabling the competitive advantage of Enaex Africa by highlighting their new and current projects which are not only building the economy through local supplier sourcing and revenue but also enabling more job opportunities whilst ensuring the safety of their people.

Michael Avery conducted another interview with Francisco Baudrand, the young CEO of Enaex Africa. During this interview Francisco discussed the expansion of production facilities in South Africa and new investments such as the Daveytronic including increasing local supply, fewer imports and helping to develop South African Economy.

Enaex Africa and Francisco is passionate about the expansion within the country and continent will create more revenue, allow local procurement, create job opportunities and always ensure that safety is their first and most important value. Through strategic planning, these expansions will be in motion at the end of 2022.

eNew Media is the digital marketing agency that is responsible for handling all the marketing, branding, and sales for a multitude of companies on a global scale. We enable our client’s competitive advantage through effective communication, and we specialise in digital media, branding and PR campaigns. We assisted Enaex Africa and Francisco Baudrand again through radio press.

eNew Media was placed in charge of all preparations, and assisted Enaex Africa with scheduling and preparing for the entire interview with Michael Avery. eNew Media was present during the interview, to assist Francisco throughout the process and to ensure that all questions were answered professionally and to ensure that the Enaex Africa brand was enhanced.

During the interview, Francisco talked about the new expansion facilities that are major investments for Enaex Africa, as well as the holding company: Sigdo Koppers group. They planned a long-term vision and approach that is aligned with the investment strategy where they plan to expand their footprint within the African continent, as growth is a core part of their DNA.

Francisco also highlighted the safety aspect that is invested in these expansions, as well as the economic benefits it will have for South Africa and other countries. These expansions are aimed at humanising the mining industry, as these facilities are based on safety and producing mining explosives products. These products are used to take people out of range during the blasting service, therefore protecting the people in the mines.

Francisco with the assistance of eNew Media was able to empower the brand of Enaex Africa and their positive investment plans within South Africa and the African continent. The interview with Michael Avery allowed Francisco the opportunity to highlight the strategic expansion plans that will ensure safety and growth for the South African economy.

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