4 August 2022

eNew Media empowering Enaex Africa brand awareness through radio press. Part 4

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We have implemented and utilized our creative tools and tailored marketing strategy to provide another brand awareness opportunity for our client: Enaex Africa. We scheduled another follow up radio interview with Michael Avery on Hot 102.7. This interview enables Enaex Africa’s CEO Francisco Baudrand to talk about their expansion into the rest of Africa and their growth within the continent.

Francisco the CEO of Enaex Africa had a discussion with Michael that highlighted their expansion to other countries in the African continent that has enabled the opportunity for healthy, local partnerships as well as new employment opportunities, training and upskilling while focusing on our priority is Life and safety. He mentioned that they are here for long-term growth and new investments opportunities in the mining industry in Africa.

eNew Media took charge of all preparations, and assisted Enaex Africa’s CEO Francisco with scheduling and preparing for the entire interview with Michael Avery. eNew Media was present during the interview again, to assist Francisco throughout the process and to guarantee that all questions were answered professionally and to ensure that the Enaex Africa brand was enhanced through radio press.

The creative team at eNew Media took the lead to create questions that highlighted and prioritized the core message for Francisco the CEO of Enaex Africa. Our guidance assisted Francisco in prioritizing key points that offered Enaex Africa the chance broaden their brand awareness within South Africa.

Enaex required the assistance of eNew Media to enhance their brand awareness within the South African country and Enaex Africa’s CEO Francisco Baudrand wanted to share their views, values, and business brand with other like-minded individuals. eNew Media took advantage of this opportunity to enable Enaex Africa’s competitive advantage through radio press specifically on HOT 102.7 FM with Michael Avery. eNew Media took the initiative to finding a target market that offered Enaex Africa the opportunity to showcase their expansion message again with Michael Avery.

eNew Media offered Enaex Africa’s CEO an effective platform to deliver an effective message that highlighted the advantages that the company offers the African continent. The message was developed to keep the topic accurate and beneficial for the listeners. Our expertise guided the entire process for Francisco to ensure that positive awareness was created for a new mining partner in the industry.

With the help of eNew Media, Enaex Africa was able to have a real discussion that helps their brand awareness and the reputation of the CEO and their expansion within the African continent. To listen to the interview with Francisco Baudrand and Michael Avery on HOT FM 102.7, just visit the 102.7 HOT FM website, or tune in tonight 4 August 2022 between 6 – 7 PM

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